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Program Offers Enlisted Soldiers the Opportunity to Become Doctors

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FY 2015 MEDCOM Career Counselor of the Year

Double Honor: Medic Completes Sentinel Tour at Tomb of the Unknowns

Team Army Medicine:

I am extremely proud of the contributions and personal sacrifices made every day at home and abroad by our Army Medicine Enlisted Corps - you are indeed the tip of the spear for our AMEDD. For 129 years the Enlisted Corps has provided excellent care to our wounded, ill and injured. We thank each Enlisted Soldier for the professionalism and selfless service to the U.S. Army, the AMEDD, and our great Nation. Please join me in celebrating our Enlisted Corps as we celebrate a 129-year history of selfless service.

Serving to Heal . . . Honored to Serve!

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2016 CSM Summit

2016 CSM Summit Group Photo

2016 CSM Summit

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On 29 August 2016 the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy held itís opening ceremony for the 575 students of Class 67. In those ranks are 31 Active Duty and 5 Reserve/National Guard 68 CMF Master Sergeants. They will embark on a 10 month journey to become the next Enlisted top leaders within the Army Medical Department. We wish them all the best in their studies and look forward to calling them Sergeants Major.

MG Steve Jones, Commanding General AMEDDC&S,  2LT Claude A. Blereau, 2LT Steven F. Capen, 2LT Joshua K. Richter, 2LT Steven A Radloff, CSM Andrew Rhoades, Command Sergeant Major, AMEDDC&S

Picture from left to right - MG Steve Jones, Commanding General AMEDDC&S,  2LT Claude A. Blereau, 2LT Steven F. Capen, 2LT Joshua K. Richter, 2LT Steven A Radloff, CSM Andrew Rhoades, Command Sergeant Major, AMEDDC&S

The inaugural class of the Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program (EMDP2) kicked off in August of 2014.  The two year program prepares enlisted service members from all branches of service to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and be competitive for admittance into medical school.  On 10 June, 4 Soldiers from the inaugural class in-processed into the Basic Officer Leaders Course (BOLC), continuing their journey to becoming AMEDD Officers and doctors.  All four have been accepted into Uniformed Services University for Health Sciences (USUHS) and will begin their studies in medical school in the fall.  Their success in EMDP2 is a testament to the quality of Soldiers within our force and the support provided by USUHS.  For more information about EMDP2 please visit: http://enlistedcorps.amedd.army.mil/  and https://www.usuhs.edu/emdp2


CSM Ecker with the winners of the 2016 CSM Jack L. Clark US Army Best Medic Competition (SSG Noah Mitchell & SGT Derick Bosley USASOC (75th Ranger Regt.)) as well as CSM Clark's father and sister.

Team Ranking for Best Medic

Team Ranking for Best Medic.

The 2016 US Army Best Medic Competition took place last week at Ft Sam Houston / Camp Bullis, TX.  72hrs of the Shoot-Move-Communicate-Survive-Save and Adapt theory and execution was assessed and celebrated across 32 2-person Teams.  Army Times and Soldiers Magazine will produce articles and you can find more info or watch execution on Facebook.  See attachment for Army team standings and please share the info as you wish.

Day One consisted of an early morning Combat Water Survival Test and Muscular Strength/Physical Endurance Test and 5-gallon water can run.  Static Load training/testing, Ropes and Knots training/testing, Written Test, ABMC Orientation Brief and OPORD, AMEDD TV Interviews and Evening Dinner with MEDCOM NOM CSMs.

Day Two/Three: Helo Insertion to Camp Bullis, TX. Execution of React to Contact TCCC and extraction scenarios in MOUT, Convoy Ops, High Angle Rescue/Evac, 4mi buddy run, DNBI lanes, Land Nav, CCP/Tailgate Medicine/Role II Trauma Scenarios, WTBDs, (Mystery Events: Transmit message using tap-code, prepare a fish and cactus meal, Identify EKG arrhythmias, sutures), UNK Distance Footmarch (12mi), Traditional Obstacle Course, Combat Stress Shoot, Traditional Rifle Qualification.

1st Place: USASOC (75th Ranger Regt.): SGT Noah Mitchell & SGT Derick Bosley
2nd Place: 10th MTN DIV:  SGT Jarrod Sheets & SGT Matthew Evans
3rd Place: 2nd IN DIV:  CPT Jeremiah Beck & SGT Seyoung Lee

Other Recognition:
Best Marksmanship Team- 75th Ranger Regt.:  SFC Simon Gonzalez & SSG Joshua Barringer
Top Medical Skills score- USASOC:  SGT Noah Mitchell & SGT Derick Bosley
Highest Physical Fitness Assessment Score- Medical Research and Materiel CMD:  SGT Andrew Salas & CPT Dennis Kim
Fastest Foot March time- Regional Health CMD-Central:  1LT Chi Wing Pang & SFC Stephen Eisele

CSM Gerald C. Ecker

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Twitter Follow CSM Ecker on Twitter @CSMMEDCOM

Mission:  To provide a Competent and self-disciplined team of Professionals who support the Army through expert clinical, tactical scientific, and administrative operations, enabling high reliability units and Soldiers of Character and Commitment.  

Vision: The cornerstone of Health and Readiness through highly trained and adaptive Soldiers capable of operating in complex environments.

Catch up on the latest from the 2016 MEDCOM Best Warrior Competition:

PT challenge

2016 Best Warrior Competition
Video on Youtube




As the Army continues to evolve and change, so does the construct of mission command. In the video link, CSM Ecker shares his thoughts and way ahead for the AMEDD in reference to Mission Command and NCO involvement. The entire video provides valuable guidance with CSM Ecker's time starting at 11:09.


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Angels on the Battlefield

The NCO Journal highlights the Performance Triad and the importance of sleep:

SSG Jacob Miller, a Military Police Drill Sergeant and the Drill Sergeant of the Year, speaks at the Army Office of the Surgeon General-sponsored Performance Triad Summit on December 9th. He reflects on how the lack of sleep affected the readiness of himself and his Soldiers. Experts continue to analyze the effects of sleep deprivation on readiness.external link (opens in new browser window)

The Enlisted Corps would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the Specialist Corps for this special letter of recognition for the 129th Anniversary of the AMEDD Enlisted Corps.

LT Gen Nadja Y. West assumed command of MEDCOM external link (opens in new browser window)

Command Sgt. Maj. Marshall Huffman relinquished responsibility to Command Sgt. Maj. Tabitha Gavia, 18 November 2015, JBLM, Washington. external link (opens in new browser window)

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